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“I would recommend them to everyone.”

“AS I needed to get hearing aids, I checked out many places and it came down to 2. I chose the AHAC and I couldn’t be happier with them. First I met with Dr. Nikander and she was great with me. then I met with Dr. Lish and she was equally awesome and we had things in common. Once I got them it took me awhile and it is still a work in process. The whole staff is nice, professional and very courteous.”

George R.

“You are the best!”

“My Oticon Alta2 Pro hearing aids are the best hearing devices I have owned in over 12 years as a wearer. I have had them for about 18-months. The sounds are natural. There is no hollowness, or tunnel effect, or, metallic sounds, just natural or normal sounds. I am able to pick up various speakers in conversation. Unless the setting is a loud restaurant I “get” everything being said. Thanks for the proper fit. Your testing, questions and the use of Real Ear to fit these devices have made the most significant difference in how they perform.​”

Bob R.

“I can’t imagine going anywhere else!”

“I have been dealing with hearing loss many years now and can’t imagine going anywhere other than the Audiology & Hearing Aid Center and Dr. Holli Lish. She is very knowledgeable, always patient, pleasant and takes the time to listen to the problems I’m having with my hearing. Holli then does all the research and compares different hearing aids to find exactly what I need to help me deal with my hearing loss and have the best hearing I can.”

Bill J.

“I am so thrilled with my hearing aids.”

“Dr. Lish is amazing. She has the patience of a saint and makes you feel so comfortable. I recommend this Center to anyone considering hearing aids.”

Ina M.

“I highly recommend Dr.Lish to anyone with hearing problems.”

“I had a pair of hearing aids that were not helping me. Jumbled words, no TV; after numerous adjustments, I just gave up. Then a family member advised me to see Dr. Lish. She gave me exceptional testing and fitted me with top notch wonderful hearing aids. I have entered a whole new world. Ability to hear conversations easily, listen to TV and music, even hear my turn signals click. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me.”

George S.

“Thank you very much for taking the extra time pursuing a possible solution to improve my hearing. The new setting has given me a much better sense of sound origination.”

Pat and Paul O.

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Why Wait?

You don’t have to live with hearing loss

Why Wait?

You don’t have to live with hearing loss

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