Patient of the Month

Our patient of the month is Joan Freedman! She is a very big advocate for hearing healthcare and encouraging others to pursue improved hearing!

“Twenty-seven years ago, after unsuccessfully trying hearing aids from another audiologist, I came to see Maryann complaining of problems with my hearing. At that time, I was working as an ophthalmic assistant and was very frustrated when I found myself saying to my patients that I couldn’t hear them and had to ask them to repeat themselves. Also, I was having difficulty taking part in conversations with family and friends. As soon as I started wearing my hearing aids from Maryann, I felt that I had rejoined the hearing world! I now enjoy being a part of conversations especially with our seven grandchildren and can’t wait to hear the first new born cries of our first great grandchild who is due very soon!” -Joan


“Dr. Lish and the entire team at AHAC”

“Just wanted to thank you for my hearing aids, I absolutely love them! But wait-there’s more… On the two occasions I called the office- the care and amazing support I received was second to none. What a marvelous team you have at AHAC! Everyone I spoke to (either on the phone or when I came to the office) was knowledgeable, CARING, and as nice as could be. When I reflect on the things I have to be thankful for this year, finding you is near the top of my list. Thank you for my great hearing aids and the world-class support AHAC provides.”

Jay R.

“I would recommend them to everyone.”

“AS I needed to get hearing aids, I checked out many places and it came down to 2. I chose the AHAC and I couldn’t be happier with them. First I met with Dr. Nikander and she was great with me. then I met with Dr. Lish and she was equally awesome and we had things in common. Once I got them it took me awhile and it is still a work in process. The whole staff is nice, professional and very courteous.”

George R.

“Guided our journey with grace and compassion”

“This is incredible! Thank you so much for going above and beyond! I really appreciate all your help now and also a year ago when he was originally adjusting to his hearing aids. I cannot tell you how much relief you and the other members of your office have provided my family. I even fondly recall an Uber snafu when my grandfather should definitely not have driven himself to your office (he was nearly blind at the time). Every step of the way, your office has guided our journey of Harry’s hearing loss with grace and compassion. Thank you for all you do to help families cope with hearing dilemmas.”

Liz C.

“Something to smile about!”

“I am sure this is going to come across sounding totally corny, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. When I left your office today I stopped at Kohl’s on Street Road because I had some Kohl’s cash to spend. While I was walking through the store, and then again as I was trying on some new gloves, I turned around suddenly because I thought someone was speaking to me. In both cases the person speaking was actually talking to someone else, but the most amazing part for me is that they were at least one to two aisles away from where I was standing and I could understand them perfectly. As I told you during my earlier visit, I often do not hear the conversations that are taking place even in the adjoining chair at the beauty salon or at a nearby table in a restaurant. I smiled to myself and continued with my shopping.

Then as I got into my car and turned on the radio, the song playing was What a Feeling from Flashdance and I began to sing along and then to rethink my experience in Kohl’s. Without warning, and I was not at all expecting this to occur, I began crying. And it was that kind of “ugly” crying that later, when it’s over, just becomes something to smile about!

I noticed so many things on the ride home like the “swish” of the traffic passing in the opposite direction, the sound of the turn signals, and the rustle of the fabric from my jacket as I moved my arms. Even as someone who has worn hearing aids for many years, this experience with the improved technology is thrilling. When you spoke earlier about some folks wanting to wear their hearing aids to sleep, I wondered to myself why anyone would want to do that. I guess maybe I can now understand.

I’m sure that you’ve heard this, or stories such as this, so many times before but I wanted to share it with you anyway. I can’t wait to amaze my family with my new abilities. Thank you!”


“As someone who has tried hearing aids in the past with little success, I felt the need to acknowledge the wonderful and professional care I received at the Audiology and Hearing Aid Center under the care of Dr. Maryann McCullough Nikander and her staff.”

“Following a thorough exam, I was given option and choices in the hearing aids to match my personal lifestyle. All my questions were answered with an objective to my thorough understanding. I never felt rushed in the whole process, In fact, I was encouraged to call whenever I had a problem or question and someone would be there to help.
I not only was provided with hearing aids that fit for my needs, but I was offered to attend classes to be educated in “how to” improve my environment to get the most benefit for better audible range.
Compared to my last experience with the purchase of hearing aids I cannot say enough about the confidence I regained and the positive impact to my life that the Audiology and Hearing Aid Center has given to me.
Again, I want to thank Dr. Nikander and her staff and look forward to our ongoing relationship in the future.”

Naureen S.

“Made my life whole again!”

“I have known Maryann since she was a student in my Driver’s Education class at Cheltenham High School. She always has a smile and that day was no exception. I reconnected with her when I found out that she had opened her own practice as a Doctor of Audiology. Maryann told me that she and Holli had gone into business for themselves. I really learned how good these two young ladies are.

I had put off having a hearing test out of vanity. But I knew that hearing loss runs in my family (my father and aunt both had a hearing deficiency), so I decided to have the test. I got hearing aids about 6 years ago and wore them when I thought it necessary. All the while, Joan (my wife of 50 years) would said that the TV was very loud. I would be always asking her, “What did they say?” I went back about 3 years ago because I know technology is always changing and I was happy I did. The new pair of hearing aids make my life whole again. Now Joan says to me, “Turn the TV up” because I keep it at such a low number she can’t hear it. It’s also great to have the hearing aids when the grandchildren are around. Despite their low voices I have no trouble hearing them.

Maryann, Holli, and the rest of the team run a first class operation. You can’t miss with these young ladies. I am happy I go to them for their expertise and professionalism. Even if I walk in without an appointment, they will always try to fit me in with one of their associates. I have sent other people to them and they are as satisfied as I am.”

Rich M.

“I would never consider using anyone else!”

Approximately 10 years ago I realized (or should I say my wife realized) that my hearing capacity was becoming somewhat limited. Realizing that this was becoming an issue in an otherwise picture-perfect marriage, I decided to recognize the fact that I was no longer 20 years old and was fortunate enough to receive a recommendation for Audiology & Hearing Center LLC located in Warminster PA.

The professionals here took extremely great care of me, checked my hearing, and noted that I was an excellent candidate for hearing aids. My first set of hearing aids were fantastic yet high maintenance. My new ones are night and day. Maryann and Holli worked with me to find the very best solution to my hearing problem. Also, Nicole who currently oversees my hearing health is marvelous to deal with. Though I live in New Hope, PA and there are at least four hearing aid centers more geographically desirable, I would never consider using anyone else. Thank you again for ensuring that I am actively engaged in life; both my business and personal life has benefited greatly as a result.

Fred W.

“I discovered a nirvana… now I hear everything clearly!”

When something does not work, we’ll try something else and that is the motto for success! The Audiology and Hearing Aid Center proved it! Holli Lish was my advisor when my old hearing aids (6 years old) required new ones she was the person to supply them. However, modern technology was not for me and when I could neither put them in nor take them out entirely, she solved the problem. My old hearing aids were from a different company, which she immediately phone and YES, they could accommodate the new technology. Two weeks later I was fitted and heard everything. The new technology included a button for soft and loud sounds which the previous did not have. I discovered a nirvana and after a BIG thank you, now I hear everything clearly.

Audrey B.

“I can’t imagine going anywhere else!”

“I have been dealing with hearing loss many years now and can’t imagine going anywhere other than the Audiology & Hearing Aid Center and Dr. Holli Lish. She is very knowledgeable, always patient, pleasant and takes the time to listen to the problems I’m having with my hearing. Holli then does all the research and compares different hearing aids to find exactly what I need to help me deal with my hearing loss and have the best hearing I can.”

Bill J.

“I am so thrilled with my hearing aids.”

“Dr. Lish is amazing. She has the patience of a saint and makes you feel so comfortable. I recommend this Center to anyone considering hearing aids.”

Ina M.

“The best I’ve ever had!”

“Nicole took a lot of time to be sure that my hearing aids were properly adjusted. My visit to AHAC was by the best I’ve ever had by an audiologist and I’ve been to many. My hearing is now better than it has been for many years. I highly recommend AHAC for correcting hearing loss.”

Fred W.

“I highly recommend Dr.Lish to anyone with hearing problems.”

“I had a pair of hearing aids that were not helping me. Jumbled words, no TV; after numerous adjustments, I just gave up. Then a family member advised me to see Dr. Lish. She gave me exceptional testing and fitted me with top notch wonderful hearing aids. I have entered a whole new world. Ability to hear conversations easily, listen to TV and music, even hear my turn signals click. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me.”

George S.

“You are the best!”

“My Oticon Alta2 Pro hearing aids are the best hearing devices I have owned in over 12 years as a wearer. I have had them for about 18-months. The sounds are natural. There is no hollowness, or tunnel effect, or, metallic sounds, just natural or normal sounds. I am able to pick up various speakers in conversation. Unless the setting is a loud restaurant I “get” everything being said. Thanks for the proper fit. Your testing, questions and the use of Real Ear to fit these devices have made the most significant difference in how they perform.​”

Bob R.

“Thank you very much!”

“Thank you very much for taking the extra time pursuing a possible solution to improve my hearing. The new setting has given me a much better sense of sound origination.”

Pat and Paul O.

“Able to meet my expectations and more!”

“I’ve been wearing hearing aids for about 25 years and have always had confidence that Maryann would find the perfect match for me. It might take several visits to fill my exact requirements, but patiently Maryann has always been able to meet my expectations and more! I’ve never hesitated to recommend friends to her practice because not only will they receive exceptional care they will be greeted by a warm and caring staff. ”

Carol T.

“The right audiologist!”

“I wanted to acknowledge the wonderful, professional care I received at AHAC. Under the care of Dr. Maryann McCullough Nikander and staff. The moment I met Dr. Maryann I knew I had chosen the right audiologist. She was extremely knowledgeable as well as patient and caring. From the hearing test (I hadn’t had one in years!) to the selection of the best hearing device and fit for me, to the special classes it has been a great experience.”


“Thank you for your kindness!”

Dr. Lish and Staff,
Thank you for your kindness to me.


“So very grateful!”

Dr. Lish and Staff,
Thanks for your remarkable treatment of my Mom and making such a difference in her life! Her hearing is better than ever now! We are so very grateful!


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